About TMJ

TMJThe Mediaeval Journal (TMJ) is the first European-based cross-disciplinary and multinational journal of Medieval Studies to be published in the lingua franca of English. It is also the first journal to address the two most exciting and productive trends in current Mediaeval Studies: the turns towards multinational work and towards cross-disciplinarity. In an academic world of increasing collaboration and intellectual exchange, scholars all over Europe and beyond are ever more frequently realizing that important research is emerging from outside their national academies. The Mediaeval Journal recognizes the rich opportunities that this movement represents.  Moreover, in fulfilling its cross-disciplinary remit, The Mediaeval Journal publishes articles mixing approaches from traditional subjects with areas and perspectives which are currently under-explored. Aiming to offer wide disciplinary coverage in each issue, it welcomes submissions from specialists in all areas of Mediaeval Studies, whether they come from traditional disciplines like Art History, History, Archaeology, Theology, Languages/Literatures, and English, or from less-exposed fields such as Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Manuscript Studies, Mediaevalism, Material Culture, History of Medicine and Science, History of Ideas, Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Musicology, and others.

As a first port of call for interdisciplinary essays The Mediaeval Journal aims to establish itself as a first-rate and high-profile international journal with a unique identity, versatility of appeal and unquestionably excellent and up-to-date quality of academic content.  Its editorial team is confident that The Mediaeval Journal will quickly become a distinctive force across Mediaeval Studies. The Mediaeval Journal was launched in 2011 and is published by Brepols.Brepols