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Vol. 6. 1 (2016)


‘The Early Franciscan Doctrine of the Knowledge of God: Between Augustine’s Authority and Innovation’ – Lydia Schumacher

‘The Middle English Life of St Teilo’ – Erik Kooper and David Callander

‘Debating the “Crusade” in Contemporary America’ – Matthew Gabriele

“Magis oblectatur questiones scientiarum, quam negotiis papatus”: Medical, Scientific, and Philosophical Books in the Thirteenth-Century Papal Court – Luca Salvatelli


Power and Religion in Merovingian Gaul: Columbanian Monasticism and the Frankish Elites (by Yaniv Fox) AND The Social Life of Hagiography in the Merovingian Kingdom (by Jamie Kreiner) – Gregory I. Halfond,

Early Medieval Monetary History: Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn (ed. by Rory Naismith, Martin Allen, and Elina Screen) – Letty Ten Harkel

The Peterborough Version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Rewriting Post-Conquest History (by Malasree Home) – Mark Faulkner

King John: England, Magna Carta and the Making of a Tyrant (by Stephen Church) – J. R. Maddicott

Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West, 1100-1500 (ed. by Matthew M. Mesley and Louise E. Wilson) – Sara Ritchey

Plotting Gothic (by Stephen Murray) – Julian Luxford

From England to France: Felony and Exile in the High Middle Ages (by William Chester Jordan) – Elizabeth Papp Kamali

Ecclesiastical Lordship, Seigneurial Power and the Commercialization of Milling in Medieval England (by Adam Lucas) – James Masschaele

Scraped, Stroked, and Bound: Materially Engaged Readings of Medieval Manuscripts (ed. by Jonathan Wilcox) – Orietta Da Rold

The Complete English Poems of John Skelton (ed. by John Scattergood) – Jane Griffiths

Vol. 5. 2 (2015)


‘Luxuria and Homosexuality in Suetonius, Augustine, and Aquinas’ – Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

‘Too Civilized to Revert to Savages? A Study Concerning a Debate about the Goths between Procopius and Jordanes’ – Robert Kasperski

‘Medicine of Words: Purgative Reading in Richard Rolle’s Meditation on the Passion A’ – Daniel McCann

‘“I Haue Ben Crised and Besy”: Illness and Resilience in the Fifteenth-Century Stonor Letters’ – Deborah Thorpe

‘“A stroke schalt thow beyre”: Staging Anger in Plays of the Massacre of the Innocents’ – Kerstin Pfeiffer


Child Emperor Rule in the Late Roman West, AD 367-455 (by Meaghan McEvoy) – Shane Bjornlie

Kingship and Consent in Anglo-Saxon England, 871–978: Assemblies and the State in the Early Middle Ages (by Levi Roach) – Charles West

England and Rome in the Early Middle Ages: Pilgrimage, Art and Politics (ed. by Francesca Tinti) – Helen Foxhall Forbes

Writing the Early Crusades: Text, Transmission and Memory (ed. by Marcus Bull and Damien Kempf) – Matthew Gabriele

Poland, Holy War, and the Piast Monarchy, 1100-1230. Europa Sacra (by Darius von Gūttner-Sporzyński) – William Urban

Objets sous Contrainte. Circulation des Richesses et Valeur des Choses au Moyen Ấge (ed. by Laurent Feller and Ana Rodríguez) – Bart Lambert

The Sense of Sound: Musical Meaning in France, 1260-1330 (by Emma Dillon) – Sarah Long

‘Why Is Your Axe Bloody?’ A Reading of Njáls Saga (by William Ian Miller) – Oren Falk

Introducing English Medieval Book History: Manuscripts, their Producers and their Readers (by Ralph Hanna) – Orietta Da Rold

Vol. 5. 1 (2015)


‘The Legacy of a Late Antique Prophecy: The Tiburtine Sibyl and the Italian Opposition to Otto III’ – Levi Roach

‘Give and Take: A Reexamination of King Horn line 800’ – John Ford

‘Domestication and Its Discontents: Animals between Objects and Ethical Subjects in the Old French Roman de Dolopathos’ (TMJ/SAIMS Essay Prize Joint Winner 2014) – Joseph R. Johnson

‘Sex And Secrecy: A Secular Prosecution of Abortion in Fourteenth-Century Zurich’ (TMJ/SAIMS Essay Prize Joint Winner 2014) – Jamie Page

‘Faith and Religious Practice: Sepulchral Culture in Berlin/Cölln (Germany) from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era’ – Claudia Maria Melisch


Strategies of Identification: Ethnicity and Religion in Early Medieval Europe (ed. by Walter Pohl and Gerda Heydemann) – Richard Broome

Liturgy, Architecture, and Sacred Places in Anglo-Saxon England (by Helen Gittos) – Alex Woolf

Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers in the Middle East: Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in the Period of the Crusades (by Michael Köhler, transl. by Peter Holt) – Christopher MacEvitt

The Written Word in the Medieval Arabic Lands: A Social and Cultural History of Reading Practices (by Konrad Hirschler) – Antoine Borrut

The History Iherosolimitana of Robert the Monk (ed. by Damien Kempf and Marcus G. Bull) – Nicholas Paul

York: The Making of a City 1068–1350 (by Sarah Rees-Jones) – Alan Kissane

Disunited Kingdoms: Peoples and Politics in the British Isles, 1280–1460 (by Michael Brown) – Peter Crooks

Uncertain Knowledge: Scepticism, Relativism, and Doubt in the Middle Ages (ed. by Dallas G. Denery II, Kantik Ghosh, and Nicolette Zeeman) – Ian Forrest

Mortality and Imagination: The Life of the Dead in Medieval English Literature (by Kenneth Rooney) – Amanda Holton

Vol. 4. 2 (2014)


‘Troubled Relations: Parallels Between the Vita Bonifatii prima and Bonifatian Epistolary’ – Bill Friesen

‘The ‘Strath Caruin’ Awdl and the Welsh Annals’ – Philip M. Dunshea

‘Exegesis, Mimesis, and the Voice of Christ in Francis of Assisi’s Office of the Passion’ – Rachel Fulton Brown

‘”Equip Yourself to Inflict Vengeance […] Thus it will be Recognised that You are the Founder of Peace”: Laudation and Attempted Persuasion through a Sermon for the Emperor Sigismund’ – Stefan Visnjevac (TMJ Prize Winner 2013)

‘Locating the Drama: Micklegate Bar and the Skinners’ Entry into Jerusalem’ – Tamara Haddad

‘Anglo-Norman in Exile: The Early Critical Reception of Piers Langtoft’s Chronicle’ – Helen Young and Stephanie Downes


Wilfrid: Abbot, Bishop, Saint. Papers from the 1300th Anniversary Conferences (ed. by N.J. Higham) – Richard Sowerby

Religion and Society in the Medieval West, 600–1200: Selected Papers (by Henry Mayr-Harting) – Julia Barrow

The Road to Manzikert: Byzantine and Islamic Warfare, 527–1071 (by Brian Todd Carey, Joshua B. Allfree, and John Cairns) – Lucas McMahon

The Muslims of Medieval Italy (by Alex Metcalfe) – Nicholas Morton

Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily: Selected Sources Translated and Annotated (by Graham A. Loud) – Clifford R. Backman

Vies de saints, légendes de soi. L’écriture hagiographique dominicaine jusqu’au ‘Speculum sanctorale’ de Bernard Gui (†1331) (by Agnès Dubreil-Arcin) – Frances Andrews

Monastic Wales. New Approaches (ed. by Janet Burton and Karen Stöber) – Martin Heale

Sacred Text – Sacred Space: Architectural, Spiritual and Literary Convergences in England and Wales (ed. by Joseph Sterrett and Peter Thomas) – Niamh Pattwell

The Making of the Vernon Manuscript: The Production and Contexts of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet. a. 1 (ed. by Wendy Scase) – Helen Marshall

Vol. 4. 1 (2014)


“The Coronation Mantle and the Westminster Sanctuary Pavement” -Lindy Grant

“Many Hands without Design: The Evolution of a Medieval Prophetic Text” – Anke Holdenried

“Origen, Climate Change, and the Erosion of Mountains in Giles of Lessines’s Discussion of the Eternity of the World (c. 1260)” – C. Philipp E. Nothaft

“Langland Reads Ovid: The Myth of Erysichthon and the Figure of Hunger in Piers Plowman” – Robert Costomiris

“The Unusual ‘Itinerary’ of an Orthodox Bishop: Abraham of Suzdal and his Travels” – Juliana Dresvina


The Criminalization of Abortion in the West: Its Origins in Medieval Law (by Wolfgang P. Müller) – Zubin Mistry

The Reign of Richard II: From Minority to Tyranny, 1377–99 (by Alison K. McHardy) – Christopher Fletcher

The Middle English Glossed Prose Psalter: Edited from Cambridge, Magdalene College, MS Pepys 2498 (ed. by Robert Ray Black and Raymond St-Jacques) – Michael P. Kuczynski

Mercurii Trismegisti Pimander sive de potestate et sapientia Dei (by Maurizio Campanelli) – Michael D.  Reeve

The Gothic Screen: Space, Sculpture, and Community in the Cathedrals of France and Germany,  ca. 1200–1400 (by Jacqueline E. Jung ) – Tom Nickson

The Middle English Wise Book of Philosophy and Astronomy: A Parallel-Text Edition. Edited from London, British Library, MS Sloane 2453, with a Parallel Text from New York, Columbia University, MS Plimpton 260 (ed. by Carrie Griffin) – Derek Pearsall

The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans: Context and Consequences (by Michael Angold) – Dimistris Kastritsis

Translating Truth: Ambitious Images and Religious Knowledge in Late Medieval France and England (by Aden Kumler) – Joanka van der Laan


Vol. 3. 2 (2013)


“Jerusalem behind Walls: Enclosure, Substitute Pilgrimage, and Imagined Space in the Poor Clares’ Convent at Villingen” – Marie-Luise Ehrenschwendtner

“The Iconography of ‘Husband-Beating’ on Late Medieval English Misericords” – Betsy L. Chunko

“A Living Language of the Dead? French Commemorative Inscriptions from Late Medieval England” – David Griffith

“‘I am here’: Reading Julian of Norwich in Nineteenth-Century New England” – Allan F. Westphall


Empires of Faith: The Fall of Rome to the Rise of Islam, 500–700 (by Peter Sarris) – Ian Wood

Testamenti di donne a Bergamo nel medioevo. Pergamene dall’archivio della Misericordia Maggiore di Bergamo (secoli xiii–xiv) (ed. by M. T. Brolis and A. Zonca) – Eleonora Rava

Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course (by Roberta Gilchrist) – Christopher Gerrard

Dating the Passion: The Life of Jesus and the Emergence of Scientific Chronology (200–1600) (by C. Philipp E. Nothaft) – Immo Warntjes

The Seljuks of Anatolia: Court and Society in the Medieval Middle East (by Andrew Peacock and Sara Nur Yıldız) – Konrad Hirschler

The Great Beginning of Cîteaux: A Narrative of the Beginning of the Cistercian Order. The Exordium Magnum of Conrad of Eberbach (trans. by Benedicta Ward and Paul Savage, ed., by E. Rozanne Elder) – Janet Burton

The Béguine, the Angel, and the Inquisitor: The Trials of Marguerite Porete and Guiard of Cressonessart (by Sean Field) – Hannah Skoda

Marie de France: A Critical Companion (by Sharon Kinoshita and Peggy McCracken) – Miranda Griffin

Death at Court (ed. by Karl-Heinz Spieß and Immo Warntjes) – Danielle Westerhof

Mixed Metaphors: The ‘Danse Macabre’ in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (ed. by Sophie Oosterwijk and Stephanie Knöll) – Larissa Tracy

Vol. 3. 1 (2013)


The Urbanization of Viking Age Lincoln: A Numismatic Perspective – Letty ten Harkel

The Manuscript Tradition of Richard Ullerston’s Expositio canticorum Scripturae – A. B. Kraebel

The Preface of the Anonimo Romano’s Cronica: Writing History and Proving Truthfulness in Fourteenth-Century Rome – Maurizio Campanelli

Trouble in Paradise: The Problem of Credibility in the Middle English Song of Roland’s Christian Community – Suzanne Leedham

John Skelton’s Ware the Hauke – J. A. Burrow


Money and Power in Anglo-Saxon England: The Southern English Kingdoms 757–865 (by Rory Naismith) – Megan Gooch

The Easter Controversy of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: Its Manuscripts, Texts, and Tables (ed. by Immo Warntjes and Dáibhí Ó Cróinín) – Carl Philipp Emanuel Nothaft

The Carolingian World (by Marios Costambeys, Matthew Innes, and Simon MacLean) – Jennifer R. Davis

A Social History of England, 900–1200 (ed. by Julia Crick and Elisabeth van Houts) – Levi Roach

An Empire of Memory: The Legend of Charlemagne, the Franks, and Jerusalem before the First Crusade (by Matthew Gabriele) – Julie A. Hofmann 148

Meaning in Motion: The Semantics of Movement in Medieval Art (ed. by Nino Zchomelidse and Giovanni Freni) – Jacqueline E. Jung

Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature: Negotiations of National Identity (by Larissa Tracy) – Karl Steel


Vol. 2. 2 (2012)


Northern Britain and the Fall of the Roman Empire – Guy Halsall

Monastic Commentary on Biblical and Ecclesiastical literature from Late Antiquity to the Twelfth Century – † Jean Leclercq (translated by A.B. Kraebel)

Nicholas Trevet and the Chronology of the Crucifixion – C. Philipp E. Nothaft

The Many Histories of Medieval Spain – Fernando Arias Guillen


Vol. 2. 1 (2012)


Vol. 1. 2 (2011)


Vol. 1. 1 (2011)