Editorial Board

General Editors

Ian Johnson, Margaret Connolly, Justine Firnhaber-Baker, and James Palmer

Reviews Editors

Please direct books for review to the appropriate editor below.

Rick Sowerby, University of Edinburgh
(pre-1100, British and Irish history, philosophy, history of science, divinity, medievalism)
School of History, Classics and Archaeology
William Robertson Wing
Old Medical School
Teviot Place
Edinburgh EH8 9AG

Vicky Turner, University of St Andrews
(post-1100, continental history, language and literature, art history, musicology)
Department of French
University of St Andrews
Buchanan Building
St Andrews KY16 9PH

Editorial Board

Frances Andrews, University of St Andrews

Dominique Barthélemy, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)

Bettina Bildhauer, University of St Andrews

Paul Binski, University of Cambridge

Louise Bourdua, University of Warwick

Julia Bray, University of Oxford

Maurizio Campanelli, La Sapienza University, Rome

Vincent Gillespie, University of Oxford

Chris Given-Wilson, University of St Andrews

Piotr Górecki, University of California, Riverside

Tim Greenwood, University of St Andrews

Louise Haywood, University of Cambridge

John Hudson, University of St Andrews

Klaus Krüger, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Freie Universität Berlin

Julian Luxford, University of St Andrews

Simon MacLean, University of St Andrews

Peggy McCracken, University of Michigan

Alastair Minnis, Yale University

Janet Nelson, King’s College London

Esther Pascua Echegaray, Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

Norman Reid, University of St Andrews

Miri Rubin, Queen Mary University of London

Marina Rustow, Princeton University

Jeremy J. Smith, University of Glasgow

Angus Stewart, University of St Andrews

Björn Weiler, University of Aberystwyth

Stephen D. White, Emory University

Alex Woolf, University of St Andrews

Joseph Ziegler, University of Haifa

Patrick Zutshi, University of Cambridge